Outfit of the day.

I am so happy that it is starting to get cooler out. Fall outfits are my absolute favorite! Don’t get me wrong summer is so fun with all the bright colors but I am a sucker for fall colors, cardigans, and hats. Todays outfits of the day include some of my favorite items and I will include a little something about one of my all time favorite brands! Here we go (:

Hurleigh’s OOTD


We just got this shirt in the mail today! Ah and I am already in love. Totally regretting not getting it for Beni too. Mind you I had already picked out outfits and had them photographed when this arrived. Change of plans LOL. It comes from a great company called Camp Wolf. Find them on IG here: http://web.stagram.com/n/campwolf/ They will be coming out with a whole new fall collection and I am soooo excited!

Shirt | Camp Wolf

Leggings | Levi & Marley

Hat | IG, ah I can’t remember where we got it but you can find them on ebay

Moccs | “elk hide” Freshly Picked

Don’t be afraid to mix colors. Everyone for as long as I can remember told me blacks and browns don’t go together. Psh. They’re nuts! And have to love a little pop of color!


Bentleigh’s OOTD


He is so obsessed with these moccasins its ridiculous. When he first saw them he instantly put them on. His face lit up when I said he was wearing them today. And great thing about fall, he gets to wear long sleeves! He asks to wear a jacket aka anything long sleeve every day. He’s crazy.

Shirt | One Jackson

Jacket | Target

Jeans | Osh Kosh

Moccs | Freshly Picked

Hat | H&M


Love greens for fall! Everything is changing colors so they really pop! And every one asks where I get skinny jeans from. Secret. I get them at all the normal places, I just shop in the girls section! Beni is super skinny and they work perfect!

Now for a staple in our wardrobe. I have decide to post about this brand because you will be seeing them in our OOTD probably almost every day. One of my favorite brands. And the creator. She’s great too!


I never knew about Freshly Picked until I got really into IG. Which is crazy because they are out of Utah. I have very quickly filled the boys closet with them. They are perfect for your little of all ages. Both my boys wear them and they are 1 and 3. With sizes ranging from 1-10 you will for sure find a pair that you’ll love.


Susan, creator of Freshly Picked, is beyond words amazing. I had the great privilege of meeting her in person and hanging out at the Freshly Picked headquarters and she is so humble and loving and just an all around great person. If you have not had a chance to check them out hurry and go now! You wont be disappointed. (: Link here: http://www.shop.freshly-picked.com or her IG at Freshlypicked.


As you can see I am a little obsessed. That’s not even all of them! But I am now noticing we need a little more color! Time to go get some new ones (: She has amazing leather and suede! What color do you think should be the next to add to our collection? (: Share here or on our IG! We may just get the one you suggest!

Until next time,

-Elexis ❤

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