The best accessories.

All you mommies out there, this one is for you. Today I will be featuring two of my go two accessories and their amazing creators! Every sunday will be just for you. I will include an outfit of the day and then will feature one or two amazing shops.

As you know from the previous outfit of the day post we had a birthday party today. I knew I would be chasing kids around so I kept it super casual. That does not mean you can’t look amazing! I went with my go to jeggings and a baggy white tee. Simple yet classic. You can never go wrong with basics.


Jeggings | Bohme

Top | Cotton On

Sandals | Tilly’s

Earrings & Necklace | Featured Shops!

Now let’s get to the good stuff. The first amazing shop I will be featuring makes an item I have been searching for for quite some time. Ever since I had kids I have wanted a mommy necklace. Sure there are plenty out there, but nothing really caught my eye. I knew I wanted something basic but still fabulous. Something I could wear with everything. And I am happy to say I found the perfect necklace.

I first came across Brin and Bell on IG. If you don’t follow her you should. I saw a few pictures and they really caught my eye. I finally checked out her etsy and saw it. The perfect mommy necklace. And she had Hurleigh and Bentleigh’s initials as a demo necklace! That never happens. I knew from then on it was meant to be. So because I was so indecisive I just stalked her IG and etsy for a while, looking back at the necklace from time to time. I knew I had to have it.


I purchased the H and the B and she gifted me the heart which was totally sweet of her. It really gave it that little something extra. I wear them layered but you can mix and match. Wear the heart between the letters or just the heart if your feeling like just a little something. Luckily she lived about an hour and a half away from me so not only was I getting an amazing necklace but I got to meet an amazing mama too. Lindsay is one of the nicest woman I have met. She answered all my questions and made my purchase so easy. I knew I was getting a great product but the necklace in person is so beautiful. It’s simple, dainty, but still has that eye catching quality.


Every mama needs one! They would make great gifts too! Check out her etsy here:

The next accessory is something I am crazy about. If you don’t know about button earring your missing out! I am obsessed and that is putting it lightly. Gigi, creator of Littlebigfabric, has quickly become an amazing friend of mine. She is such a talented lady! And one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She has amazing designs and is always pushing to find something new. There is at least one pair in her shop that everyone will love…unless your me there are many!


My favorite pair from her is Harper. I have them in both colors, I told you obsessed LOL. I love them so much I wore them during our family pictures. They are simple and one of my favorite colors, TEAL! Im sensing a theme here, simple. But really you can dress these up or down.


She has recently started a new venture over at Littlebigfabric, LBF Love Bag. This month it includes a cute cell phone cover and matching earrings! A girls best friends, her cell phone and jewelry. Every month she will offer a bag with different items in there and a Littlebigfabric custom piece! And it is only $30!! Check it out here:


She is always coming out with new designs so make sure to follow her on IG at Littlebigfabric and check out her store here:

I hope you enjoyed the first two of many featured shops! Make sure to visit them and show them some love! I will leave you with the Bahl Babies (:


-Elexis ❤

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