Blogging on the go!

Today we ventured to my favorite store, Target!

We didn’t come for anything special other than to check out theirs fall selection for clothes! And let me tell you, I am loving everything! Ill post a few must haves for you (:

90% of our time is spent in the toy section. And now they both run in different directions. It’s a mess lol.


But on to the clothes! I am literally in love with the target fall collection! They have a new love art collection too! If my husband wasn’t there lol. I’m a sucker for vintage superhero looks.


And what little boy doesn’t love batman and superman! And I know there are little girls out there that would love it too! I didn’t get the whole collection but I convinced him we needed two of them! Job well done!
Another must have for fall! Sweaters! Cardigans, pull overs, hoodies, any type I absolutely love! Target has some great ones right now and so reasonably priced!

Two of my favorites I found! I clearly need to come back without my husband. You know men!
And I found this set for the littles! OMG can I have another little baby right now please. I about cried when they didn’t have hurleighs size! Totally sad about it!

There were so many great things but the kids started to fight and hurleigh was not having it anymore!

Until tomorrow
-Elexis ❤

2 thoughts on “Blogging on the go!

  1. Love this! We bedshare too/ I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Callen has never slept in his crib. He plays in it though! LOL I spent so much money on bedding and a crib for nothing!! At least it’s a convertible one that he can use as a toddler if he isn’t still sleeping with me! && I agree…It’s so much easier to nurse. I can’t imagine walking back and forth all night long.

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