Hush Little Baby.

A sweet mama from susiescustom, who will be features on the blog within the next week, asked me what I am going to be putting on the blog? And I told her exactly how I felt, in any direction the readers take it. I already love this blog so much but I want to keep you guys happy and reading. So what direction will it be going in? Only the future can tell. Maybe someone wants a good recipe one week. I won’t hesitate to share one of my favorites! Or someone wants to know what it is like married to a solider. And I will gladly tell you. This really can go as far as the readers let it! Without you I am basically writing a journal. So I hope you continue to read and continue to love what I post. If not let me know! We can switch it up! Have some fun with it (: there are endless possibilities!

And on that note the first post I was asked to share is on sleep. Or lack there of. Cause let’s face it as moms we somehow manage to run on little to no sleep. Or at least I do! Most night I lay in bed while everyone is asleep , wide awake, and I can’t shut down cause I am up thinking of the things I could be doing while no one is awake to run behind me and mess it up again. And then we finally fall asleep only to be woken in a few hours to a little that wants to nurse or a potty trip in the middle of the night. So how do we do it? Simple. We’re moms.
I know I know totally cliché. But really there is no explanation for it. I can tell you what has worked for us and some people may not like it. We co-sleep. That is the only way we can get any amount of sleep at all. Hurleigh still wakes on average twice a night. If your my midwife your going to tell me that he is too old to be waking up that much. And I’ll tell you thanks for the advice. But that’s how he is. And instead of getting out of bed and grabbing him, nursing him, laying him back down, and then getting back into bed only for me to try to fall asleep again, we co-sleep so he wakes up and we nurse while we both comfortable lay there. I am not saying that having your child sleep in a crib/bassinet is bad. I am just saying what has worked for us. Bentleigh slept in our bed till Hurleigh was born and then most nights after potty break I find him in our bed. I’m a sucker for those big brown sleepy eyes so I can’t say no. My advice. Find what works for you. Nap when your baby naps. And remember the sleepless nights don’t last forever!
The featured shop of the night know all about sleep. And honestly she may have made our nights a little better! Juniper Wilde is an amazing shop created by Nicole. You can find her shop at Juniper Wilde or on IG: Juniper_wilde. We have her amazing mountain pillow and let me tell you…it is the SOFTEST pillow EVER!!! She has not only pillows but blankets, top knot hats, and turban knot headbands. I can only imagine that the rest of her items are just as soft!
She opened up shop in 2010 and has since grown into a fabulous business using GOTS certified organic cotton material. Graduating with a bachelors in interior design, I think she’s really found her calling in all the amazing nursery items she has to offer! All her designs are exclusive to Juniper Wilde so you won’t find any of these amazing designs anywhere else. So you better hurry and grab some (:
But in seriousness you can’t pose a 13 month old like this! He really sleeps with it every night! Wakes up, nurses, and rolls back over only to sleep on this heavenly pillow. You have Hurleighs stamp of approval Nicole. And he is very high maintenance LOL
We can’t wait to add many more Juniper Wilde items to our collection!
-Elexis ❤

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