The joys of being a DIY mom!

I have wanted a teepee since Bentleigh was little. We were going to make it for him for his 2nd birthday. Then as a big brother gift for when Hurleigh was born, Christmas…you get the trend. The teepee never happened LOL. Well I happened to bring it up again, really I just wanted to buy one because even though I have a sewing machine I didn’t want to do it. Call me lazy. Now that I’ve made it….I have a new-found respect for teepee makers! It was hard! maybe it was the fabric I picked, maybe I’m being dramatic haha but either way it was a pain in my rear. But I did it! I made a teepee! YAY me! Never again LOL. If this one breaks you better believe I will be on the hunt for someone to make me a fabulous one! But the kids love it which is what I wanted in making it. It’s not perfect by any means. There are strings, that my husband went around and cut for me, the dowels we bought were way to big, the fabric doesn’t match like I wanted, but I made it with my bare hands. I wanted to cry a few times LOL and I literally broke out in a sweat, big oversized dowels and too small of dowel holes made for a great arm workout. So here is what you have all been waiting for!


I started by buying a pattern from Lovelimekids on etsy. The pattern was very easy to understand even though the ladies at the cut counter were not happy to have to do everything in cm. Sorry!

I really thought when I bought this fabric it would match my house. I was wrong and now I am regretting letting my husband have a say! But its cute and I wanted him to help. Learned my lesson. I picked a suede sort of fabric for the sides. I thought it would make it look more authentic. The bottom mat was supposed to be fabric, matting, fabric. Well I found that great quilted fabric that had already done it for me. The brown I picked as trim for the bottom mat. My husband said it didn’t match but clearly he knows nothing about picking out fabrics.


Don’t get me wrong the fabric is amazing. I think I just have visions of leopard print in my head. That fabric was fantastic!




And thank gosh for disappearing ink. I seriously had the worst time trying to get straight lines on this thing. Only to cut it and realize I had measured wrong! Thankfully I measured long and not short! I wanted so badly to get it done that night. I may have neglected dinner and cleaning. But my dear sweet husband made me dinner, tacos, and gave the kids a bath. Definitely made up for his fabric choice LOL.



I set it up while the kids were sleeping so I could surprise them. And look at how happy Beni was! Only problem…it’s his teepee and Hurleigh isn’t allowed in there. We may need to work on this sharing with your brother thing a little more HAHA.


Like I said before it’s not perfect but the kids played in it the whole morning! Bentleigh wanted to eat breakfast and lunch in it! He dragged all his stuffies in there. Now we just need some fab pillows and blankets for it and we’ll be set!






-Elexis ❤

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