This is me.

This month the sweet Jerika from Everydaybay came up with a challenge to blog every day for the month of September. And I thought how fun would it be! While your still going to get your daily fashion, advice, and mommy post I will be posting these challenges in the morning! Go check out her blog if you want to follow along!


Well first off my name is Elexis Lyn Bronson. I was the youngest on my mom’s side, I have an older half-brother and sister, and the only on my dad’s side. My dad is originally from Trinidad and mom is german. They divorced when I was 3 so i don’t remember any of my parents being together. After that we moved to good ole Minnesota. I basically grew up there besides two years when I lived with my dad. I would spend every summer in Utah, the joys of shared custody. I really don’t remember much from my childhood. I tell myself I blocked it out cause I don’t want to remember.

I was a typical teenager. I cheered for hockey one year but it was way to cold and then I was a football/basketball cheerleader till I was a senior. That and my boyfriend consumed my life! But I knew I wanted more. I pushed myself, graduated early with 12 college credits, and moved out to Utah as fast as I could. If you know anything about Minnesota its a lot of small towns, bars, lakes, and hunting. None of which appealed to me in the least! The plan was to move to Utah and then go to college for Fashion design and move to Cali or NY. Well here I am still in Utah! LOL


I met my husband through friends. We don’t have a sweet love at first sight story. Far from it. I honestly hated him when I first met him. He was rude, thought he was gods gift to women, and smoked. Not going to happen. But I would not take crap from him and he really didn’t know what to do after that. Once he got past the trying to impress me and be a jerk part we started to hang out and really clicked. We both wanted the same things in life.

After we started dating things moved really fast. We both look back and say people must have thought we were crazy. But it felt much longer than it actually was. We decided we were going to get married after only 3-4 months! and then a few months after that we decided we wanted to have a baby! As much as people like to think Bentleigh was an oops baby that is far from the truth! He was very much planned.


After a very rocky pregnancy we had our sweet Bentleigh Aaden May 15th 2010! We both were completely speechless and it was amazing! Shaes went back to work immediately so it was an adjustment. After that we both just enjoyed being parents cause the hardest year of our lives was about to come!

44411_1579630332001_5902545_n 46099_1579630372002_7628259_n

We decided it was as good a time as ever to get married! August 15th I became Mrs. Shaeson R Bronson. We had a very small intimate wedding.


The hardest year of my life by far. Newly wed and our first baby. But we made it through! Bentleigh and I will always have a special bond from that year we spent as just the two of us. Not too long after, we began the journey of baby #2!

539598_4346996354422_2059101159_n 208904_4347017834959_790226671_n

After another rocky pregnancy, I just have no luck making babies lol, Hurleigh Lyndon was born July 10th, 2012. I really was scared once I found out I was having another boy. Bentleigh and I had such a great bond that I didn’t think I could love another little boy as much as I loved him. Boy was I wrong. His labor was so amazing. Literally like a push and a half. And they laid him on my chest and that was it. I fell in love all over again, for the third time! He was so tiny and complete opposite of Beni.

Having two little boys is so much fun! They can be best friends and occasionally enemies, but Hurleigh already looks up to Beni so much and if anyone else tries to mess with Hurleigh, Beni is right there to stop them. I always say I couldn’t have given them a better gift. They’ll always have a friend the rest of their lives in their brother.

AM Photography

Right now in life I am completely happy. We are the best we have ever been as a family, I started school to major in fashion merchandising, and I have this amazing blog I started that is taking off. I love the life I was given and am thankful everyday for my amazing husband and boys. And that’s me in a nut shell. If you want to know more please ask! I am an open book (:


6 thoughts on “This is me.

  1. Love Love Love learning more about you! So glad you are joining in on my challenge. Can’t wait to read your daily posts! xo

    1. Now that I am older and have children of my own our relationship has gotten a lot better. I can appreciate everything she did as a single mom to make sure I had a great childhood. And yes she is.

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