Happy Place.

Day 3 of the blog everyday challenge over at Everydaybay is in full effect. We are supposed to show you our happy place. And all morning I have been thinking and thinking. Home. Well of course my family is here. Bed. Ah love me some good sleep. But those are not always happy places. Home life can be stressful. Between kids, husband, school, house work, well you know you want to pull your hair out. And bed. With a nursing 13 month old who thinks he needs to be attached all night is not always the most peaceful place. Drag Bentleigh in there who sneaks in during the night and is the worst bed hog and I’d rather sleep on the couch. So where is my happy place.

Your looking at it. Totally cheesy I know, but this blog has become my happy place. I get to share with you all the good in my family, write about what I love, and I don’t have to think about the stresses of home or life while I’m doing it. Just the keyboard and I telling a story. I can sit and get engulfed in writing the feature of the day or posting pictures of my boys. I love it. Nothing can get me down while I am blogging. And knowing that I get to share it with all of you makes it even better. Heck maybe I can even give you your happy place. Where you can just relax and read about nothing other than good things.

So take a look. Stay a while and enjoy my happy place. (: I hope your happy here too!

-Elexis ❤

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