Most perfect day.

I think this is probably the hardest topic. To pick just one day is almost impossible. I’ve had so many amazing days, finding out I was pregnant, having Bentleigh, getting married, and the day Shaeson came home from Iraq are all on the top of my list. But since I have to decide on just one I think I’ve narrowed it down.
The day Hurleigh was born is definitely an amazing day. Now I am not picking Hurleigh’s birth of Bentleigh’s. They were both amazing and I seriously love giving birth. I would do it all the time if I could lol. But the day Hurleigh was born it wasn’t just Shaeson and I that got to experience it but Bentleigh became a big brother that day and that’s what makes it that much more special to me.

July 10th was as normal a day as ever. I really did not think I would be having a baby that day. I was 36 weeks and 5 days along. We had a check-up that day since I had been going every week for a while. He looked perfect. As usual he would not show us his face on the 4d ultrasound but that didn’t matter. He was measuring at 6 lbs exactly and the doctor said that we could be having a baby any day now. I didn’t believe him. Mind you I was 4.5 cm and 90% effaced, but I had been there for two weeks I think. I was convinced he was in there for the long haul! He had already stayed in for 4 days longer than his brother, he made every ultrasound extra work, and I had started going into labor at 30 weeks. So why not a few more.
I was seeing the other doctor in my midwife’s office since she was on maternity leave. He knew a lot about my pregnancies so I knew I was in good hand. Get checked and he says, “once you get to a 5 I’ll break your water.” Not gonna happen doc. I stalled at a 4.5 last time till she broke my water. So I went home to hang out while Shaeson went to work.
And sure enough as soon as he walked out the door to go to work my first contraction came. And then another in 5 mins. And another. Every 5 mins. Now they tell you to wait an hour and if your contractions progress come in. Well seeing as how my last labor was 3 hours I wasn’t taking any chances! Called Shaeson and off to the hospital we went.
Now I am the girl that is basically in active labor and I can walk around like nothing is happening. So when I got up to the hospital I knew it was time but they looked at me like okay lady sit down and we’ll get to you. So 20 mins later they bring me into a tiny room to be monitored. Let’s waste some more time. Nurse checks me, “oh your at a 5 let me go call your doctor and see what he wants to do.” I didn’t even bother to say anything lol but holy lets hurry things along!
After 30 minutes she comes back with everything to break my water. And when they say you know your body best it’s true. I told her they’re not touching me until I get my epidural and there’s no way I would be walking to another room after you break my water. Thank gosh it was nurse change.

So I get in my room, get my epidural, and break my water at 6:09 PM. 6:29 rolls around and I’m thinking my epidural isn’t working. No he was just coming out! 20 minutes to get from a 5 to 10 and have him start coming out! You can imagine my epidural wasn’t helping much. Now my doctor didn’t believe me when I told him not to leave. So he went home. I spent the next 20 mins fighting the urge to push. And when my doctor finally got there he sat down, 1 push, stop pushing, stretch, stretch, stretch, half a push. Congratulations! It’s a baby boy (:

It all went so fast, but I loved every second of it. They laid him on my cheat and my heart skipped a best. He was so tiny and so opposite of Bentleigh already. My little Hurleigh bear.

Well he wasn’t 6 pounds like we though. Actually 5 pounds 12 ounces. Only an ounce away from his brother and a half inch shorter! So tiny and sweet. He had dark hair and tan skin. Hence the nickname baby bear (:

But this is the reason it is the best day ever. It’s the day we because 4 instead of 3. The day Bentleigh got a lifetime friend. He wasn’t sure about him at first but he quickly warmed up to him. I could cry just thinking about how much love you could see he had for his baby brother. Makes a mama proud!
But that is it. My best day (: I hope you enjoy! And stay tuned later today for the features shop of the day! (:
-Elexis ❤

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