One unknown thing.

I don’t think there is one thing that is people don’t know about me. I am a pretty open person. I hate onions, mushrooms, mustard, the smell of cooking meat reminds me of liver and onions, I could eat McDonalds everyday, I think of my sister like a mom, I am my dads only child, I’m afraid of clowns, if I could be blonde haired and blue eyed I would be, and I’m a little OCD. But you all know that. Or most of it.
But I think the one thing only a few people know about me is that I am deathly afraid of someone breaking into my house. Like keep me awake at night, have a gun in my room scared. It is so bad I have thought about buying a townhouse instead of a house just so I have a neighbor right next to me that can hear stuff.
I have no idea where this fear stems from. We’ve never had anyone break in before, but I have had this fear since I was younger. I have nightmares about it even. My husband thinks it is something that happened when I was younger and I need to go to therapy about it but I’ve learned to deal. And I’m a good shot. The joys of having a husband in the army who is a combative instructor!
Crazy I know. But hey that’s me lol
-Elexis ❤

2 thoughts on “One unknown thing.

  1. My husband is the same way! It doesn’t keep him up at night but he triple checks all the doors every single night and even checks the closets, and under the bed and the showers every night he cracks me up. It’s probably TV I am deathly afraid of a kid I’m watching or my kid getting kidnapped I think it comes from my parents making me watch that movie Adam when I was younger! Soooo scary! -.-

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