Late night blogging.

10:43 and I am in bed, still awake, with a sleeping husband and baby next to me. Typical. This is my life every night. I lay here, shopping online and IG, hoping to fall asleep cause I know I have to get up early. Put down the phone and you would sleep my husband always says. Doesn’t work like that babe! LOL
So I will do my daily blog that I neglected to do today! Homework, husband coming home from guard, and a sleepover for Beni with grandpa consumed my day!
Today’s topic was favorite blogs. I have to say I am a horrible person. I blog everyday in hopes that people read but there are very few blogs that I follow. But there are a few I love!
Everyday Bay | That’s an obvious one! I love Jerika and little Baylor! He is so adorable and I melt every time I see his little dimples! She is also the inspiration behind the blogeveryday challenge! (:
Min_e | They always have the best stuff for your littles and the cutest outfit ideas! This is one of the first blog I came across on IG and quickly fell in love!
Mommy Dad | I have yet to read all the way through but what I have read I love! I don’t want to spill to many beans but this is a must read!
Mom in the muddle | Again I have just recently found this blog but she’s great! I need to find the time to sit down and read more of it, hmmm I could be utilizing the time I lay in bed awake lol.
So go check them all out! There are a few more I follow and you can check out there links on the blogs I follow section! Enjoy (:
-Elexis ❤

2 thoughts on “Late night blogging.

  1. I’m so guilty of the late night IG and shopping as well! Everyone is usually asleep and I’m still up answering emails and liking photos lol

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