Best piece of advice.

As a new mom and wife I was given a lot of advice that people thought I needed. And I just nodded my head and said thank you. Most of it was from crazy family members or the random stranger at Wal-mart who is a little overly aggressive. But there is one piece of advice that has stuck with me my whole life. Do what you love and love what you do.

That has obviously changed as I grew. I loved cheerleading so that’s what I did. Not so much anymore. I loved hanging out with all my “girl friends”. Well people change. If you would have asked me during those times if I would love to be a mother my answer would have been no. I never wanted kids growing up. I wanted to be a big time fashion designer and live like Carrie off of Sex and The City. Boy was I wrong.

Now I am a mother. That is what I do. And I love it more and more everyday. Today especially showed me just how much this piece of advice has really stuck with me. If you know me well you would know I am so so afraid of bees. Like scream and go running afraid. And today my poor sweet Bentleigh got stung not once, but twice. I about died. He was totally fine and didn’t even cry. I’m pretty sure it traumatized me more than him. He was so brave and in the end I showed that bee who was queen around these parts!


A first I would have gladly saved for never LOL and I had to do what I love, be a mommy. I wanted to run so bad. I literally was like palm sweating, heart racing, scared. I don’t know if we were by a nest or if we just made it mad or what but it went for Bentleigh, tried for Hurleigh, then me, and back to poor Beni. At which point I took off my italian leather sandal, which I will happily brag about cause I got them for less than $5 off Shoe Dazzle, and showed that bee what was up. No one messes with my babies. I felt so horrible. Thank gosh he wasn’t allergic. But like I said total trooper. He made his way to the slide like nothing happened. My husband said I was being dramatic, but i kept checking his leg. I don’t know how many kisses and hugs I gave but it was a lot.

DSC_0866DSC_0863 DSC_0850 DSC_0852Had some lawn mower races and the only tears shed were from Hurleigh, because his lawn mower wouldn’t do what he wanted! LOL Toddler problems. They are now both happily sleeping. And mommy has time to remember that I will always do what I love and love what I do.

-Elexis ❤

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