Do it yourselfer (:

I am a sucker for foxes this fall. They are so cute and just to much to handle! So when I found a fox onesie with glasses and a bow tie…well the deal was done!! Only problem. I don’t love putting hurleigh in onesies unless I am going to pair it with a sweater or cardigan. I feel like now that he is 1 he’s to old for them. Dumb I know! But I bought it always because I loved it! So I just put my sewing skills to use and turned the onesie into a shirt! Now I love it even more!!

All I did was cut a curved line down into the snap area, that gave it the length I wanted.

Trimmed it with grey fabric!

Straight stitch and bam your done!


As you can see I ended up taking the grey trim off, because it wasn’t the same color as the collar and it was bugging me haha. So cute! Now I need to go but the next size up before they sell out and make another! Super easy DIY project that took me 20-30 mins (:
-Elexis ❤

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