Baby, Go Green. One stop shop to organic!


Ever since my second was born I have been trying to go as chemical free as possible. We use Norwex for cleaning cloths and Method for everything else. My husband calls me crazy and says it’s not necessary, but I do it anyways. There are so many unknown chemicals put into everything now days. The least I can do for my children is try and make their home semi safe in that aspect. I’ve always known about organic cleaners. Then Baby, Go Green came into my life and I realized how much I have been missing out on!


Debi, the wonderful owner of Baby, Go Green, has made a one stop shop for everything organic baby related. I am not going to lie when I first browsed her site I was in search of one item and went straight to the clothes to find it. I didn’t even notice all the other amazing items on her site until I went back the next day to browse more. She carries all the most amazing organic brands that you can find on the market. I am going to be in heaven when I have my next baby! Anything you can think of for your little she probably has! So spend some time on her site, check everything out, browse, and visit her on her IG and show her some love! I hope you enjoy the site and getting to know Debi a little more!

How did your shop get started?
  • It’s been a long time in the making actually! 🙂 The actual business idea for an organic baby and kids store was thought of about 5 years ago. While researching online for my baby registery items (I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, 1st son) I ran across organic cotton and bamboo baby clothing. I was thrilled to learn these actually existed! I had been buying organic food and skin care for over 10 years at that point but didn’t know about organic clothing. It particularly struck a nerve with me because I had lost a precious baby boy at 5 months pregnant after being exposed to toxic insecticides. So I couldn’t help but think of all the farming families and their future children whose health was being protected by having others support their NON-GMO, pesticide free organic farming practices. And of course I loved the idea as well of my babies wearing soft and toxin-free clothing!
  • There wasn’t one store though that carried all the organic and safe products that I was looking for. So I had register online with many different online stores. So that’s when I had the epiphany of an all organic and toxin-free baby and kids store. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and knew that one day we (my husband and I) would make it happen. It didn’t exactly happen like I thought it would though. It wasn’t very glamous so to speak. In the Spring of 2012 my husband was laid off from his job over 11 years. After not finding work after several months I started thinking of what I could do to bring in extra income. So I re-visited the business idea I had of an organic baby store. I started to put all my ideas on paper. And then it was non-stop research and planning for many months. Lots of sleepless nights because with 4 kids that’s the only time when you can think straight to do some work! lol That’s why I am writing this at 1am! 🙂 Oh and at first I told my husband it was JUST an online store. I sort of forgot to tell him that I was meeting with a realtor the following week to look for a retail space. oopsie! lol
How do you decide what to put in your shop?
  • Well, first and foremost I look for organic cotton products. Then I narrow it down based on the ethics of the company overall. But of course (I’m saying this with my best French accent) 😉 the ones that make it through are the ones with the most style. If I wouldn’t put my own child in it, I won’t carry it.
What/who influences your decision in picking items for your shop?
  • A lot of the products were pretty easy to choose because I already had used them and could attest to their quality. Besides those products, for everything else I carry from clothing to cribs (I’ve actually never owned a crib, haha) I do all my research online. I joke to others that I am probably the only buyer in history who has never been to “market”. I couldn’t afford to travel. haha So for the most part, it’s really just been me and my gut feeling when I see things online. At times I ask my hubby and kids what they think of certain collections. I like to see what lights up my kids eyes too!
What are your 3 favorite items in your shop right now?
  • Besides the organic Theo chocolate that I am supposed to be selling but gobble up every day? hehe Umm let’s see. I am all about the Fall sweaters right now. That would have to be Mini Rodini’s leopard sweater, Mini Rodini’s white with red hearts sweater and Mini Rodini’s fox sweater(ALL of which, I might add are amazingly soft which is a huge feat for kids sweaters!). I can’t pick just 3 though! haha I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Bobo Choses. I truly love the creamy muted colors and shades of their Fall collection. I love Bobo Choses umbrella sweatshirt and super soft tops with hat and guitar prints.
What are your favorite fashion trends for littles for fall/winter 2013?
  • Love, love Fall accessories such as knitted hats, woven scarves and suede boots like the ones from Bobo Choses. So many varied textures to play with in Fall! But in general I love the trend of gender neutral clothing since it’s just so practical for families especially when you are spending a pretty penny on certain pieces. You definitely will get your money’s worth when more than one child gets to wear it!
Where do you see your shop in 5 years?
  • Oh wow, that’s an exciting thought! I definitely seeing it being more comprehensive as far as categories of products we carry. I want to be a one stop shop for everything baby! And I really hope that baby, go green’s reputation for being friendly, informative and on-trend has grown to the point of people asking themselves, “Where else could I possibly get this experience? NOWHERE!” And lastly, I hope by then we’ve hired an amazing assistant manager so I can get more sleep! 🙂
How has the shop changed you as a person?
  • This is such a meaningful question I love it! Let’s see… I would have to say that it’s built up my self-confidence. I didn’t really know that I could accomplish such a feat of opening an online store and brick and mortar in less than a year! Of course I had a lot of help and support from my wonderful husband and kids. And other family members and friends who helped in more ways than one. It’s also a humbling experience at the same time. I am constantly serving others and always trying to remember to treat others the way I would want to be treated as a customer and fellow human being. I truly love helping others with such meaningful purchases for the families and it’s so worth it because it brings me and them happiness! 🙂


The one item I was searching for one her site are these Mini Rodini Flamingo leggings! OMG! Right amazing! I love them. They are so soft. I want a pair for myself LOL. This is my first Mini Rodini item and it was worth every penny. These will last us a while so I am so glad that I decided to get them!


Hurleigh has already broke them in and managed to get chocolate and noodles on them. Gotta love nice clothes and toddlers HAHA. I know your little will love them just as much as him! So head over to Baby, Go Green now and check out all her amazing stuff! And if you are in the Houston area go into her shop and give her a big ole hug for me! Enjoy (:
-Elexis ❤

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