I am a total sucker for finding new and unique items for my boys and of course to share with you. So when I came across theMINIclassy on IG I knew I had struck gold. Not only are they amazing women but their designs are so fun and totally unique! They take something that has become very popular, harems, and given them that extra kick! They have leggings too if harems aren’t your thing. But if you haven’t tried them…you really should (:
They aren’t afraid to step outside of the box when putting prints together and they always hit a home run! They continually push the box and come out with new designs! Don’t see something you love? I know they would be happy to make a custom design for you! Everything is handmade with love, even better! And I love supporting small businesses! If your like me I hate to go out and see every other child in the same piece that my kids are wearing. theMINIclassy is your solution to that problem. (:
So I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Head to their Etsy and check out everything they have or request a custom pair and show them some love on their IG!
Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4-1.38.09 PM
How did your shop get started?
  • To tell the truth it was a long time in the making, even though we just launched very recently. It’s about finding your niche. Since day one Rae and I have had dreams and the passion behind those dreams to do something great. We are firm believers in quality and we try to put that into our craft. I (Michelle) was just waiting for the right moment to put the shop up so we could strike while the iron was hot. It’s funny because we both went to the same school for apparel design and didn’t know it until later down the road. We literally are professionals in the fashion industry so it’s not like we are just some moms who wanted to take up sewing. We had so many ideas from the beginning that we needed to take the time to narrow it down and making something comfy and fun for the kiddos is where it was at!

How do you decide what to put in your shop?

  • Trolling the Internet, haha. j/k but seriously, we’ve been carefully keeping an eye out to see what people are responding to as well as researching the market and finally decided where there was a void, we feel we found it and are excited to execute it.

What/who influences your decision in picking your items?

  • Our little mini-me’s, for sure are number one! Beyond that we have taken the back seat and been a driving force in supporting the loves of our lives who are talented musicians, their drive and passion for what they do has been a very motivating and inspiring thing for us. We are like one big family, so we would say our families are our number one influence but furthermore, just culture and the online communities as well, since the launch of our shop there have just been so many positive people that we have been able to connect with that just makes every sleepless night and every pin prick to the finger (haha) all worth the while!

What are your 3 favorite items in your shop right now?

  • I think we’re both in agreement with this one…. 1. Camo Harems 2. Leopard Harems 3. Gold Lamé Leggings

What are your favorite fashion trends for little for fall/winter 2013?

  • Well, we can say that we have a lot of great ideas that we think are going to do well for our shop and will be introducing in the near future but as far as kids fashion in general classic silhouettes with a fun/cute edge. I’ve noticed a lot of bold colors and prints, lot’s of black and white graphic prints, I think we’re taking inspiration from that as you can see by the pieces in our line.

Where do you see your shop in 5 years?

  • A high-end children’s apparel shop doing well with a variety of pieces and hopefully entire collections. Something like nasty girl or mod-cloth for kids!

How has the shop changed you as a person?

  • The shop has given us confidence in ourselves and it’s just a reinforcing/driving reminder in the fact that we are good at what we do, and what we are doing has been received well by chic mamas and daddy’s and that’s a really good feeling.


And they are gorgeous too! Say hello to the women of theMINIclassy, Mimi and Rae

Stay tuned for some outfits of the day feature their amazing items!!

-Elexis ❤

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