Raine and Monet

This shop needs no introduction but for those of you that have never heard of Raine and Monet this is for you! There are no words to describe how sweet and caring these women are. The genuinely care about each and every one of their customers with all theirs hearts. I came across their shop on IG, I think all the shops I love I found there. I quickly saw just how much heart and soul they put into their business. They were always so kind with everyone and make sure that everyone’s questions were answered.


I found them during their summer line. Their tanks were the best! So soft and best designs. I have their rebel tank and I can’t say enough good things about it! The design is flawless, the material is to die for, and the customer service… well I already gushed about just how amazing they are. And to say I was sad when my son outgrew his tank is a understatment. I’m still waiting for one to pop up on IG so that I can buy it to layer!


If you follow them you know they just released their fall line. AH! If you’re not you need to run now! Most of their sizes sold out the day their site went live! I literally had 3 shirts in my cart to buy, Hurleigh woke up to eat, grabbed him, got situated, and TWO if them were already sold out. That whole process took me maybe 5-10 minutes. Craziness right. I thought their summer designs were great, but I wasn’t even ready for the cuteness of the fall. The designs are edgy and cute and perfect for any little girl or boy! The tees are yet again so soft. And AFFORDABLE! $13 for an infant and $15 for kids! I mean really that’s what you’re going to spend at Target and have a shirt that isn’t even half as great as these.


I paired out raccoon tee, which is my absolute FAVORITE, with a pair of jeggings, and threw a button up from H&M over it with a pair of Freshly Picked moccs. Perfect fall outfit! It was cool when we left the house, but it warmed up as the day went on. Took off the button up, tied it around his waist, and bam perfect outfit!

DSC_0045 DSC_0044

I really hope you check them out and fall in love with everything just as much as I have. And enjoy getting to know the lovely women of Raine and Monet! (:

How did your shop get started?
  • Rashel: Raine + Monet originally started out as a ‘closet’ shop on Instagram. It then changed to my knot bow shop and then in June it officially became a clothing shop.
  • Paige: I went to Rashel’s house one day in January after not having seen her in quite a few months. She told me about her bow shop, how huge Instagram was for doing business, and her future plans for fabric and clothing design. She asked if I would photograph some stuff for her. The next day I sent her an email telling her that I would love to be a part of her idea and she said yes! I have an accounting/business background and a passion for creating beautiful photographs and art and she has a love of fashion and a million creative ideas, so I think we partner well.
How do you decide what to put in your shop?
  • Rashel: I feel like starting with just t-shirts is an easy way to determine what people like.
  • Paige: We put things in our shop that WE love. We like things that are bold and make a statement.
Who influences your decision in picking items for your shop?
  • Rashel: Honestly I think about the struggle I have getting my oldest daughter dressed. She is my influence for practically this entire line so far. From design to practicality. Is it easy to put on? Is the material soft? Is there a super rad design/print on it? Ok there’s the winner!
  • Paige: I think the biggest influence are, our children. Nurturing their natural curiosity, wonder, and free spirit is really important to us.
 What are your three favorite items in your shop right now?
  • Rashel: I have equal love for all of them. I feel like these designs are my other children! Haha!
  • Paige: Hmmm, that’s a hard one. All of our designs are like our babies and you can’t really pick a favorite! I still love the rebel tanks, I think because it’s such a statement of my own life. I really love all of our fall designs equally too!
 What are your favorite fashion trends for littles for fall/winter 2013?
  • Rashel: I really love the easy, carefree, laid back trend that is happening right now.
  • Paige: Rashel can probably answer this one better than me. I tend to shy away from fashion trends (if I’m even aware of what they are!) and go my own way. I wear what I love at the moment and my boys wear what’s comfy!
 Where do you see your shop in five years?
  • Rashel: Oh man, I hate looking that far ahead. I am good with short-term goals, 5 years pretty much scares me. In 5 years I want to be okay with whatever direction we are headed. Confident that we made/are making the right choices and we are learning and evolving in every step of the way. Knowing that I started this company with my best friend and 5 years later we are still best friends!
  • Paige: I see Raine + Monet as more than just a shop in five years. I would really like to have a lifestyle blog soon. Wherever we are in five years, you can bet we will have worked hard, given it our all, and still be projecting our creative vision in all that we do.
 How has the shop changed you as a person?
  • Rashel: I’ve become super confident in the fact that I can literally do anything that I want to do. I am also struggling with finding a balance with kids and work. I am changing daily and finding my way on this new path. I will get it. I plan on being here for a long, long time.
  • Paige: I think the only thing it has changed about me is that I am even more confident now than I have ever been that I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. I am naturally driven to create and succeed and that will never change! 
If you haven’t already fallen in love with Rashel and Paige make your way over to their shop at http://www.raineandmonet.com, check out all the amazing new fall designs, and of course show them some love on their IG, http://www.instagram.com/raineandmonet. They will welcome you with open arms! Love you ladies! Enjoy!
DSC_0046 DSC_0053 DSC_0059
-Elexis ❤

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