Rock me!

Had to share a few of the photos I took of the boys today! Beni’s outfit today was so great. I couldn’t even handle it. I did not plan on a whole rock them, but it happened!

I got this great Joe Fresh jacket at Jcpennys for….$15!!!

They both I swear think they’re little models. You pull a camera out and they find the nearest wall and stand against it lol clearly we need to work on that haha.


It crazy when an item becomes so popular so fast. This Ramones tee…I swear people go crazy for it. Including me! I had it in two sizes for Beni and then a smaller size for Hurleigh. Got lucky and snagged this one just a few weeks ago! Love it!

Enjoy my little rock stars (:
-Elexis ❤

5 thoughts on “Rock me!

  1. i almost got austin those leggings the other day at Childrens place! the leopard ones.. but i need more outfit ideas! help me style them!! haha

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      The shirt is from h&m, last season I believe! But I think that cotton on kids also has a version! And I know that leviandmarley on etsy makes them (: we have a pair from her!

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