Blog on the go!

I love doing these because I am out and about and see great stuff that I feel you all need to see!! Well the idea was to blog while there…but my phone died as soon as I got the idea! I swear the iPhone 5 has the worst battery ever in the history of iPhones. … More Blog on the go!

Little Lightning!

The infamous Zara lightning bolt leggings made a come back today! For a little while at least. These things seriously sell out within hours when they restock! I would swear they were made of gold if I didn’t have a pair and can for sure tell you they are not LOL. But they are super … More Little Lightning!

Raine and Monet

This shop needs no introduction but for those of you that have never heard of Raine and Monet this is for you! There are no words to describe how sweet and caring these women are. The genuinely care about each and every one of their customers with all theirs hearts. I came across their shop … More Raine and Monet