Outfit of the day! Leggings edition (:

A lot of people, and by a lot I mean almost everyone that says something, comments about how cute she is. And by she they mean Hurleigh LOL. And then I get the weird looks and they say ” well boys can wear leggings too I guess.” So my question is when did leggings become a “girl” things.
I think 95% of the pants in his wardrobe are legging.
Why you ask. For one they’re comfortable! My wardrobe is made of a lot of jeggings and a lot of leggings. I know wearing jeans everyday is not comfortable. So I can imagine for being little and having to wear bulky jeans can’t be comfortable either. And two. I mean come on they have soooo many cute options. Don’t get me wrong a great pair of jeans can make any outfit but leggings just add something extra.
My oldest, who is 3, even loves wearing leggings. Today being one of the days he fights me on his outfit choice. He wanted to wear leggings and I wanted jeans. He won LOL. But like I said their comfy and cute. So if you were having second thoughts about leggings for your boy, just try it! They’ll thank you (:
Hurleigh’s OOTD

Leggings // Made by me (: Top // Little77 Cardigan // H&M Moccs // Freshly Picked
Bentleigh’s OOTD

Leggings // Made by me (: Top // Tiny Whales Jacket // Target Shoes // Old Navy

-Elexis ❤

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