DIY Birth Memory Box

I love doing projects and crafts. It’s a way for me to have some mommy time or do something fun with the boys! I have been wanting to do these shadow boxes since Hurleigh was born. But as much as I love doing crafts, I’m an even better procrastinator LOL. But I did it! And I love them!

I purchased the shadow boxes at Hobby Lobby for half off!! Gathered and started off with a lot of items to put in them. I knew I wouldn’t use them all, but it is always better to have options. Their first shoes, the preemie onesies they wore, wristbands from the hospital, and ultrasound pictures are all good items for your box. The blanket, shhhh, I took when I had Hurleigh. I used it for a while actually but the main purpose was for the project.

I used he blanket as the background. You can use a picture or scrapbook paper, wherever works with your design!

Lay everything out and decide how you want it to look. Don’t hot glue anything down until you have decided on final positioning (:

If your like me I changed my mind a billion times on how I wanted it laid out.



And dahduh! You have custom made birth shadow boxes! Perfect way to display to items you may not know what to do with and don’t want to throw away! I will get a picture of them hung once we frame the other pictures going up (:
-Elexis ❤

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