Say cheese!

We have family picture for fall and our Christmas cards scheduled on Tuesday and since this is only the second time were getting pictures as a family I figured we would work on smiling. We have a lot of work haha. Hurleigh has unveiled a new cheese smile and Bentleigh has decided that when we ask him to smile he either frowns or forces it so much you would think he was pushing out a poop. LOL needless to say we’ll be working on that this weekend. But I can’t help but enjoy all the outtakes we got while taking pictures. They’re faces are priceless! Enjoy (:





And since Ruby is now apart of the family she will be in the pictures. She’s not very photogenic lol. Good think our photographer aka Auntie Tone is very good. We’d be in trouble if not LOL.
-Elexis ❤

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