Got a case of the Kickin Legs.

Leggings, I’m telling you the new go to for boys! If you saw Hurleigh’s clothes his jeans to leggings ratio is nuts. He owns like 4 pairs of jeans…but like 20+ pairs of leggings and that’s constantly growing. I am always looking for new fun designs to add to his collection. So when I came across Kickin Legs I had to have some!

Chelsea hand paints all the designs onto the leggings. And she’s always coming up with new designs! And plus? Her prices are CRAZY low! As a mom I know how hard it is to spend a lot on one item, although I am quilts of it, but when you can get a good deal on a great product you do it! She is super willing to work with you and make a pattern you will love! Super comfy, cute, cheap. Your asking yourself why you don’t own a pair right now! LOL

We have 4 pairs and I love each of them. The football ones I mean…perfection!!!

Go packers go!

The tribal print is a super fun variation on a popular pattern right now.


I had her add arrows to mine! Love them (:

And can’t forget the little ladies!

We actually have this design in blue he’s just a little small for them still (:
But you can see super fun! How much? Well I can’t ruin all the fun! Head to her etsy Kickin Legs to find out! And with that I would like to introduce you to Chelsea, creator of Kickin Legs (:

How did your shop get started? – I shop at Target. A lot. As the weather in Texas started to warm up earlier this year, I noticed dozens of pairs of solid-colored leggings on sale in my favorite part of the store – the children’s clothing section. I kept thinking to myself, “Someone who owns an Etsy shop should buy all of these and do something with them. I should tell somebody about these… but who?” This internal commentary went on for several weeks before I had the bright idea one Friday afternoon to buy them MYSELF and start an Etsy shop! I cleaned out 5 Targets across the Austin area within the next 48 hours.

How do you decide what to put in your shop? – Right now, I’m only selling leggings, but I’ve been experimenting with hand painted shirts, dresses, and even felt hair bows. I feel like the market is saturated with felt hair bows right now though, so I’m not sure if those will be added to the shop or not. I think the shirts will make their way to the shop soon though!

Who influences your decision for your shop? – Availability & artistic ability. I can’t buy wholesale because I don’t have a Tax ID # or a state resale license, so the products that I offer are based solely on what I can find within my price range at my local retailers. The cheaper and easier that I can acquire my supplies, the lower I can keep my resale prices. I have the least expensive hand painted leggings on Etsy! This is really just a hobby for me… I’m not looking to quit my day job, so I don’t feel the need to charge as much as other leggings sellers do.

What are your 3 favorite items in your shop right now? – My favorite pairs of leggings in my shop are the very first designs that I created… the neon pink leggings with black arrows on the sides of the ankles, the darker pink leggings with the metallic gold line & dot design, and the black leggings with the metallic copper arrow design. I had my beloved Texas Longhorns in mind when I purchased the copper (aka. burnt orange) paint!

What are your favorite fashion trends for littles for fall/winter 2013. – Obviously, I’m obsessed with leggings. I not only create them, but I also buy them… a lot of them! I seriously cannot wait for leggings weather to hit Austin. I’m excited to mix patterns… floral shirts with striped leggings… my daughter dresses better than I do, for sure.

Where do you see your shop in 5 years? – I’d eventually like to move on to screen printing clothing. I’d need to become a legit small business owner in order to do that, obtaining the Tax ID # and state resale license that I mentioned previously. I’d like to be able to reach a larger audience with a greater variety in colors, sizes, and unisex designs, with items available for babies, kids, AND adults.

How has the shop changed you as a person? – I’m so happy to have an artistic outlet… something creative to do in my free time (what little there is with a full-time job, a cross-city commute, a toddler, husband, house, and 2 dogs). My day job – which I love – does not necessarily nurture my artistic side, but now I have a hobby that does and I’m so pleased with the balance that it provides in my life!
Thank you Chelsea for being so amazing (:
-Elexis ❤

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