15 Months.

Where has the time gone. I’m sure every mom says that to herself all the time. Because really it feels like jus yesterday this little guy turned 1. I started documenting his monthly milestones on our chalkboard. But didn’t keep up and really with Beni not napping doing the chalkboard now with his “help”….would never get done. So I wanted to continue to do it especially since he is learning new stuff every day now. So i hope you enjoy. (:


Age // 15 months

Weight // 18 lbs 5 oz and yes he is little! Not even on the charts as of today for weight. But we are not worried because we went through this same thing with Beni. We just have small children

Height // 31 inches I feel like he’s tall but the charts say otherwise. Stupid charts and their percentage. He’s just the right height (:

Milestones // Super sad but he is completely weaned from nursing. It was a rough few days but we made it. I’m fighting the urge right now not to go nurse him LOL. He also just learned to wave bye! It’s so cute I can’t even handle it.

Sleep // And because of the weaning… he SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! The first night I woke myself up when we would normally nurse but so nice to sleep through the night.

Best Moments // Watching him unveil his new “cheese” face to the world.

Worst Moments // He pooped on the floor….yep that happened.

Eating // I swear he never stops. He eats more than Bentleigh most days. Favorites are popcorn, choking hazard I know, nuggets, and lays chips. Addicted LOL

Teeth // 8 now! 1 just popped through so 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. He also went to the dentist this last month and he said they look great (:

Extras // As you can see from most of the pictures, the boys have gotten very close this last month. Warms my heart now that Hurleigh is old enough to play with Beni and them get along!

6 thoughts on “15 Months.

  1. Pleaseeeeee tell me how did you wean?! I need to wean carter and I’m at a loss he doesn’t really like milk so idk how to get him off the boob šŸ˜¦ he’s fine during the day but at night he needs it a couple of times at least

  2. Yes please share about the weaning and the sleep. My little guy is 15mo as well (6.22.12) and doesn’t sleep thru the night. I only nurse for bed but then he wakes at 1am and wants mama milk so we co sleep the rest of the night. Ugh. Any advice?

    1. And sorry didn’t mean “ugh” like I’m against co sleep. It’s that every time he wakes he needs a boob.

    2. It wasn’t easy. We cut out the day time feedings gradually to where it was just for naps. Than those went. He fought it the first few days but after that he would fall right asleep with just cuddling. We had it down to before bed, middle of the nights….yes nights multiple times…and one morning. Morning was easy to cut because we just got up and ate right away instead of laying to nurse. Bed time feeding was next. I would let him lay in my chest and offer him a sippy if he tried to nurse. It took 3 days. Lots of crying and screaming. I mean a lot. My husband slept on the couch one night. The first night he woke up more than he had when we were nursing. Every time he would wake up I would offer a sippy of warm water a use I knew he wasn’t nursing because he was hungry. The second night he woke up less but it was still a fight to get him to calm down. Again would only offer the sippy and let him lay on my chest. Third night he woke once, took a drink of his sippy and fell asleep. Now he sleeps through the night and falls asleep just laying next to me.

    3. Constancy will save you. There were times where I was like just once won’t hurt it. But it will. It won’t happen over night. We weaned for about a month. But it will happen.

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