Beni had his first tumbling class tonight. We are “sampling” pre-tumbling and pre-karate this week to see which one or both that he likes. Tumbling was a hit! He had so much fun! He loved his teacher and kept talking about how he wants to go back. He was a little shy at first but she said he opened up and took to the techniques fast. At one point he was doing a “jump spin” and she went to help him and being the independent child he is he told her “I got it.” LOL she just laughed and said okay. Friday he goes to his pre-karate class which I’m a little nervous about. She said there is a lot of kids in that class and it was just him and another little boy in the tumbling class till the end when they brought the ballet girls in. He is to much of a flirt for that so his technique went down the drain LOL. But we for sure want him to continue with it (:

He was so proud of himself. We took him out to dinner to celebrate! He’s going to sleep like a rock tonight! I completely forgot to take pictures and of course it’s not letting me upload a video! I will try again tomorrow (: but I’ll post pictures from karate in Friday!
-Elexis ❤

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