Tangled Tantrum


I got this super fun package in the mail today from Amber, founder of Tangled Tantrum! Tangled Tantrum is paraben and alcohol free hair products for kids and adults, which makes it totally safe for the littles in your life. Parabens are a synthetic preservative that can cause health problems ranging from skin problems to breast cancer. It can mimic hormones in the body. Everything from digestion, metabolism, waste elimination, reproduction, and early puberty in children can be effected. Alcohol is very drying and can actually make your little hair problems worse especially curly hair. I know I don’t want to put that harmful stuff on my boys head! Scary to think of all the bad things companies put into their products. So the fact that Tangled Tantrum makes a product safe for them puts them at the top of my list.

When I first got pregnant with Hurleigh I decided to go as natural as I could on my hair and try and get it as healthy as I could. My hair is very kinky curly. I have been having relaxers put on my hair since I was really little. My mom started it and when I was old enough to take care of my hair myself thats just the way I knew to take care of it. I finally decided no more relaxers. It has been almost 2 years since my last one! I also switched to all new hair products geared toward ethnic hair. I have probably tried every hair care product on the market. I thought I was a pro.

With that being said I thought for sure I would have all the tools to take care of the boys hair. Man was I wrong. They both have very different hair types. Bentleigh at one point had curly hair and then we cut it. It was never the same after that and I am sad about it everyday LOL. His hair is very corse and very, very dry if it is not conditioned everyday. I usually only condition his hair everyday, but I only wash his hair every 2-3 days. Forget finding a good styling product. Everything just made it more dry and corse. So we just continued to cut it and leave it short.

DSC_0273This is his hair in the morning after he’s had a bath at night. Kisses (:

Totally out of control. The first thing I used was the detangling and conditioning spray. First the smell…IS AMAZING!! You do not need a ton either and the brush went right through. After I used  Killer Swell hair gel. Again everything smells so good. And Bentleigh was so excited about all the pictures of the rocket, surfing, and skateboard!


DSC_0274And tah dah!

Perfectly sculpted fohawk for Beni boy! And normally he has a few little remnants of curls right in the front that just go wild. Not today! He said “mom my hair looks super cool!”

Now on to Hurleigh. This child’s hair is a disaster most days. I normally just wet it down and put organic coconut oil in it to sculpt the curls. But then he sits on the couch, lays on the floor, breathes the wrong way, and his hair is instantly frizzy again. He has many different curl patterns in his hair so it’s been hard to find one product to control them all. It is also pretty thin.

DSC_0286 DSC_0291From the front it’s not horrible. So deceiving cause the back is a mess.

All we had to do was use the detangling and conditioning spray and I have never been able to comb through it so easy. Super great smelling and super easy and quick. Two things I love when dealing with the boys LOL.

DSC_0328 DSC_0320He actually enjoyed getting his hair combed!

I am definitely a believer now! I read everyone saying how amazing it was, but until you try it you won’t know just how amazing it is. Just the fact that is is paraben and alcohol free and smells great makes me love it, but the fact that the boys love it is 100 times better.

DSC_0296 DSC_0278 DSC_0294 DSC_0300

If you haven’t already head to Tangled Tantrum and check out their amazing product and go to their IG and show them some love! They are a great family that has developed this product you’ll love for your littles and even yourself!

-Elexis ❤

2 thoughts on “Tangled Tantrum

  1. I think I will try this too! Max’s hair was curly til we cut it and it was never the same again. Chase’s hair is like a little rats nest in the back!

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