Tiny whales

When I think of brands to share with you, you can be sure that they are brands that I truly love. I am pretty picky about what I put on the boys and I don’t think it’s fair to share something I would not put them in. This brand is at the tippy top of my favorites list. Tiny Whales is so fun and hip. Everything they come out with Bentleigh and Hurleigh need in their closet. You won’t be disappointed. They are trend setting and offer products that you won’t see in every other brand. Plus side, they have stuff for is mommies and daddies too!

I first came across Tiny Whales on IG. They are a family affair that started back in 2008. Since then they have grown into a well known brand and can be seen in boutiques online including my favorite Chicky Pop and in stores locations. Looking for one near you? Check out their site and see all the stores that carry them!

If your in the Los Angeles area head to their IG and check out the dates and locations for shopping events. This holiday season they are busy, busy with many events you will be able to stop by and check out their products in person and meet the wonderful creators of Tiny Whales.

I swear they come out with new items every few weeks it feels like. Not good for my pocket book, but the variety they have is amazing because you are bound to find something that you like. Most of their items are gender neutral which I love. I’m very much into not conforming to gender boundaries. If my son wants to wear an shirt with a cute kitten on it then so be it. *Cough, Cough* they have the CUTEST astronaut cat shirt. Pushing boundaries and never stopping, I love a brand that can be true to themselves and not afraid to put out wild and crazy items.




As you can tell we LOVE Tiny Whales. Brittany and Shaun are the best duo and the fact that they are a husband and wife duo is the bomb.com. Kudos to them because there is no way my husband and I could work that closely together LOL, but you can tell they truly love what they do. As long as they continue to put out amazing products I will be a loyal customer! Love you guys!!

-Elexis ❤

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