Mom hair.

I was doing my hair the other day and realized I have three hairstyles, curled, sock bun, and messy pony. Not very exciting. I remember the days when I would do something different with my hair everyday. Is it a sign that you’re getting older when you have one hairstyle that you rock almost everyday? I lived the first few months of Hurleigh’s life in a messy bun. Not very exciting and not cute. I feel 10x better when I do my hair as opposed to just throwing it up. So I decided to take to Pinterest, because that’s where all good ideas come from right? LOL And compiled a list of 5 easy hairstyles that you can do super quick. I know how it is trying to get ready with two little ones standing at the back of me, “mommy what’s this?” as he is trying to pull the curling iron off the counter. Some how gets a hold of the make-up brushes which leads to a half bronze face. I’ve been there and I understand. The quicker the hairstyle the better.

half braid

The Half French braid

Beachy Waves Hair TutorialBeach Waves

This is my go to style. I do this almost everyday.

the-perfect-bunThe Perfect Bun

I use almost this exact one for my buns only I got mine from H&M.

twisted bandThe Twisted Hairband

Super easy. Wave your hair and slide a stretchy headband over your head. Grab small piece and twist them around the band until you reach the back.


Now that fall is upon us we can rock our beanies. Whether you curl your hair, leave it straight, and braid it off to the side a beanie is a great way to hide a bad hair day! (:

All pretty simple and not time-consuming. These are the five you will find me with the most. I need to broaden my horizon on hair styles. If you have a favorite share!


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