Pizza and movies!

I love nights like this. It’s freezing out so you crank the heat up high, turn the Christmas lights on, make some pizza, and snuggle up with popcorn and watch a movie. I would do this everyday if I could, but I’m sure my husband would quickly get sick of pizza. LOL and we haven’t don’t outfits in a while! The cold weather is is my favorite cause I love all the textures and patterns mixed together!

This is the lovely pizza that beni and shaes picked out. His cravings haven’t got the memo they are no longer needed so we came home with a Hawaiian BBQ…looks semi good so fingers crossed. I of course got a classic pepperoni with black olives. Can’t go wrong with take and bake!




Hurleigh clearly couldn’t wait lol.

Beni’s outfit.
Top // Mini and Maximus
Sweater // Target
Leggings // Made by mommy.
Hat // Tiny Whales
Shoes // Old Navy

Hurleigh’s Outfit.
Top // Zara
Cardigan // H&M old season
Pants // Mini and Maximus
Hat // H&M
Scarf // Buckle
Shoes // I believe Target but from a while ago! Got them from a friend (:

Now to decide what movie. How the grinch stole Christmas is clearly the correct choice, but I’m being out number to watch ninja turtles! Love my boys (:

Elexis ❤

Oh and I got this amazing gift from the sweetest woman. If you have not checked out Brin and Bell head over there now! I wear my necklace all the time and now have a remember acne piece I will cherish forever! Thank you Lindsay!


2 thoughts on “Pizza and movies!

  1. Ok I guess I have to come here and tell you/comment about the amazing leggings again! They’re ah-maze! also side note glad the blog is back in action. ❤ YOU! (And my phone just flashed with a text from you coming in… So now going to talk to you

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