Snow day!

We had a nice day today! We took full advantage of it and went outside to play. Let me just tell you the Bahl babies are apparently not made for cold weather. We made it a whole five minutes before we had a full blown meltdown. So we promptly went inside and had hot chocolate. The five minutes we spent outside were fun though (:




I absolutely love the little moments like these. Whether they last 5 minutes or an hour. That snowsuit Hurleigh is wearing was also Bentleigh’s suit when he was little. I love when I can see both of them in a piece of clothing.
Ever since the semester ended I have been working a lot on getting all the orders from the shop out for Christmas and spending every waking moment that I am not working doing something fun with the boys.

Yesterday we went to see Santa, which could not have gone any better. This year Bentleigh was very serious about it. He told him everything he wanted and was so anxious standing in line. It is fun to see how they enjoy things more as they get older. Hurleigh on the other hand didn’t think it was fun, at all. He did not cry, but he would not smile for anyone. I’ll take that as a success.
Stay tuned for some last minute gift ideas and what’s on our Christmas lists! I’ll leave you with this total boy moment we caught of Beni today. Love you all!

-Elexis ❤

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