Kids Christmas List 2013

This year I feel so unprepared for Christmas. I could lie and say I have it all done, but I haven’t even started. I’ve made list after list and decided exactly what they are getting without actually purchasing anything. So my dear sweet husband took off work tomorrow to get it all done. Wish me luck! In my list making I have found some amazing things and wanted you to share my kids Christmas list with you.

Kids Christmas 2013

The teepee is a must! The pattern is amazing and I can’t wait to put it up! We ended up with the 5 panel instead of the 4, but it is still amazingness. Freshly Picked moccs should be on everyone’s list and have you seen their adorable new shirts! A definitely for under the tree. The mask, tail, and camera are perfect for using your imagination. These last couples months I’ve realized how attached they are to technology already and I wanted to take it back and get them to be kids. They play swords and color and I love watching them use their imagination everyday. These backpacks. What can I say about them. They have been all over my IG feed and this picture does no justice for them. You it. Nothing more to say about that. They’re the perfect little backpack for any toddler.

Now your probably wondering why number 7 is there. When I met my husband I wanted to put a photo album together of us when we were younger for our future children. I came out of the situation with one 8×10 of him and a picture of him and his brother. His family has almost no pictures of them as children and it broke my heart. He can look back at his childhood and remember all the fun he had. My parents took tons of pictures and I always wanted the same for my kids. Artifact Uprising was my number one choice because they make an IG friendly photo book and if your like me I want them to be able to look back at those pictures. It’s a perfect gift for now that will last forever.

So in my perfect world all of this would be under my tree right now, but since I am a slacker we will see how much makes it under there. Have fun browsing and checking out new items.
-Elexis ❤

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