Bentleigh Aaden aka Beni boy.

Ah. How many times have you had a mommy moment where your looking at your children and the tears start to boil? I can tell you the first year of Bentleigh’s life it happened almost everyday. I was so overwhelmed with the love I felt for him. I knew that parents loved their children, but until you have children of your own you do not understand. That first year of his life I pour all I had into him and more trying to fill the void of Shaeson being in Iraq. Because of that I feel like we have this bond that is so strong it’s indescribable. We only had each other and even now with the whole family together we still have those moments where it will just be Bentleigh and I and I think back to that first year. I used to write little notes and stick them in his baby book. He made me into the parent I am today. When he is older and starting a family of his own I will not be able to thank him enough for everything. It was my job to teach him, but he taught me so much. I love you more and more.


Tonight I had that moment. As I put him to bed and he rolled over and looked at me, leaned up, kissed my cheek, and said “I love you mom.” He’s growing so fast and I think that this year he starts preschool and I will no longer be able to spend every day with him all day. Yep I’m that mom. Lol I shed a year for sure.
It reminded me to always remember to cherish the little things and love for who they are! Be thankful for what you have and have fun!
-Elexis ❤

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