Park Days.

While I absolutely love the snow, there is nothing better than the excitement the kids get when they get to play outside. Lately, the weather has been some what enjoyable. We had our first park play date of the summer today with some of our favorite people, @victoriaelder. This park also is at the best location. If you’ve ever seen the move Sandlot, then you’ll probably remember the great swimming pool scene with the waves on the wall. That right behind me! I did not know what it was until my friends told me. Since then I have seen the movie lol.


I absolutely love these little boys. That smile is totally contagious! He is the sweetest little boy in the world. He is so happy all the time. His big brother is a charmer too. A little ladies killer for sure, the things he says just melt my heart.

The best thing about playing outdoors? The pictures! Ah, get ready for picture overload. Bentleigh was so into following his friend around that he was MIA, but Hurleigh still needs my help so he was being Mr. Photogenic. He has been having a rough week. My normally very happy boy has been very upset and a little ticking time bomb. I am no doctor, but if he is anything like his brother, and has shown many signs, he has a dairy intolerance just like his daddy that spiked right around 18 months. So, we will be cutting back on dairy significantly. Good thing he LOVES fruits and veggies.


Hurleigh’s Outfit

Tee – Peek Kids // Button Up – H&M // Pants – Mini and Maximus // Moccs – Freshly Picked: Ox Blood

We’ve already made many plans for outdoor activities this spring/summer. What are your favorite outdoor activities to do as a family? (: Can not wait to share all our fun with you!


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