Trademark of Awesome.

There is only one brand that can claim themselves as the trademark of awesome. Prefresh is one of the raddest brands around. Their tees are custom sewn, dyed, washed, and designed right here in the US. When I say their tees are soft, I mean the softest. There is no tee out there right now that compares. They recently just released some new designs that will totally make you fall in love. We are Prefreshians for life! You will not be disappointed. They are fun, wild, and totally amazing.

Jason and Tiffany are two awesomely rad folks from Portland, Oregon who make clothes for all the little kids out there. They design each piece themselves and their designs are brought to life in LA! “Often imitated, never duplicated”, you will not find anything like the items they offer out there.

These are two of the new tees they came out with. “USA” and “Young, Wild, Free”. Head over to their Instagram to show them some love and keep up to date on all their releases and sales!




Bentleigh’s Outfit.

Top // Prefresh

Sweater // Quinn and Fox

Pants // Good Boy Friday

Shoes // Converse

DSC_0153 DSC_0155 DSC_0156 DSC_0157 DSC_0158Hurleighs Outfit.

Top // Prefresh

Cardigan // H&M

Pants // Duchess and Lion

Sandals // Old Navy

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