Studio 12.

I have been cutting Bentleigh hair for the last year almost. The last person I took him too totally messed it up and I just could not trust anyone after that. Then, I found my most amazing hair lady, Jandy Taylor, and totally fell in hair love. While getting my hair done, she mentioned that her boyfriend is an amazing barber. I am the biggest skeptic, so when she said that my first thought was, “your only saying that because he is your boyfriend.” But, she totally made me a believer in so many things I was skeptical about with my hair that I decided to give him a shot. So, when she text me this morning and said that she was going to be at his shop, I told her I would come in. He was over due for a hair cut anyways. Let me tell you all my worries went out the window. He is great with children! Bentleigh has always been a pro at getting his hair cut, but I always wanted someone that would make him feel comfortable. Jesse is truly an amazing barber! He did such a better job than I could EVER do, obviously so since I am not a barber lol. He was very patient and listened to everything I said about how I wanted it. It came out so much better than I every expected. They are opening a fabulous shop right on 12th and Monroe, if you live near Ogden I highly suggest you go to him! Hurleigh even got a trim. So sad about it but it honestly looks so much better and barely any length was taken off. Thank you Jesse for making Bentleigh look super stylish!









Outfit details.

Top // Mini and Maximus
Vest // H&M

Top // Mini and Maximus
Jeans // Baby Gap
Moccs // Freshly Picked “Chrome”

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