Everything is awesome.

We have been having just the absolute greatest time with my grandmother in town. The boys have become completely smitten with her and Bentleigh even convinced her to spend the night! He was pretty proud of himself. We have been all over the place, shopping here and there, playing outside, making lots of new food, and trying a ton of fun new things. She is teaching me how to make all natural facials from fruits, spices, and yogurt…I will totally share the recipes on here soon! She is such an amazing person. She still teaches yoga, recently went to school for make-up, went to barber school, and works for a college. Crazy! I hope that I am still as fit and active as she is when I am her age. She told me when I asked her why she went back to school that, “if you do not love something, you are not stuck doing that for ever. Change it up and try something new.” She is a total inspiration.

I used to call her every time I started a new “business” venture, scentsy, mary kay, the usual. She was always so supportive, but being physically here she has told me that they are definitely not for me. She is so right. I can not do the direct sale things. So, now that I have realized that I have so much more time to dedicate to the blog. Sounds crazy, but I totally love this and the crazy adventures it has taken me on.

With that here are some fun outfits the boys have been wearing the last few days. With running around, I am trying to dress comfy so that we can transition easily from shopping/running to play without having to change.




Bentleigh’s Outfit

Button up // Old Navy

Tank // Gap

Pants // Mini and Maximus

Sandals // Saltwater Sandals


Hurleigh’s Outfit

Top // Prefresh

Leggings // H&M

Boots // Hunters


Bentleigh’s Outfit

Hooded Vest // H&M

Top // Slyfox Threads

Pants // Good Boy Friday

Sandals // Saltwater Sandals


Hurleigh’s Outfit

Button up // Burlington

Tank // Knox and Lola

Sweats // Gap

Sandals // Saltwater Sandals

Beanie // Beau Hudson

So much fun stuff happening. Can not wait to share everything with y’all!

Elexis ❤

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