Sweats are not just for the gym.


I love, love hats this Spring. They are so fun. I found this one at Target for super cheap. I think maybe in the mens section, not 100% sure. I have a giant head, I am not ashamed to say it, my boys inherited it. Add in the extensions and it makes for one tough hat shopping trip. This one is probably my favorite that I have at the moment. I have dressed it up and today dressed it down. Who says sweats are just for the gym!? I found these little gems at TJ Maxx…for $5. I am telling you, I am so frugal with the items I buy. Everything I am wearing, with exception to the hat, was a clearance item. Including the sandals, that I got last summer from Shoedazzle. If you take care of your items, they will last. The kimono, I bought the year after I moved to Utah…circa 2009! It is 5 years old!! And I wore it nonstop through both my pregnancies. I am almost certain I still have clothes from high school. Another horrible trait, I am kind of a hoarder. My house is not wall to wall boxes of stuff, but if it is still good and still can be worn, I can not get rid of it. I have a problem lol. So, here it is. My super comfy “sweats are not just for the gym” outfit.











Kimono //Buckle 2009

Tank // H&M

Sweats // TJ Maxx

Necklace // Forever 21

Sandals // Shoedazzle

Hat // Target

I love taking casual pieces and dressing them up. While we were running at the park today, I just wore the sweats, tank, sandals, and hat. When we left the house, I dressed it up by throwing the kimono and necklace on. Simple park outfit to errands outfit with just two little pieces.


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