Birthday and everything in-between.

So much has happened since Bentleigh birthday. He had such an amazing day. I could not have ask for a more perfect birthday for him. I can not thank Hannah and her family enough for everything they did with us that day. We love y’all so much! Since then we have been staying super busy. Shaeson had work training on Bentleigh’s birthday. This time was extremely hard for him. He kept asking to go pick dad up from work and when he was coming back. I do not think that we were home for more than 3 hours at a time except for when we were sleeping.

DSC_0608 DSC_0607

Bentleigh’s Outfit

Tee & Hat // Slyfox Threads

Shorts // H&M

Sandals // Saltwater Sandals

DSC_0615 DSC_0614
Hurleigh’s Outfit

Top // Slyfox Threads

Bloomers // Bobo Choses

Shoes // Toms

The first few days, we spent visiting some family friends. Bentleigh was still overly excited about his birthday so he had to share it with everyone he saw.


Bentleigh’s Outfit

Top and hat // Slyfox Threads

Leggings // Levi and Marley on etsy

Shoes // Walmart

Hurleigh’s Outfit

Top and bottom // Mini Rodini

Hat // Slyfox Threads

Moccs // Freshly Picked


We also had Bentleigh’s 4 year check up and a weight check for Hurleigh. I have been dealing with the weight issue since Bentleigh turned 1 and started walking. Weight checks are not a new thing for me. Bentleigh did so good, he gained a whole 3 pounds to bring him to 28 lbs lol and Hurleigh gained 2 lbs!! We were pretty excited. Over the last couple of week I have watched Bentleigh start to be more responsible and I just feel like he got older over night, which he did lol. When we were at their appointment it really hit me. They both had to get shots and Bentleigh said, “I’ll go first. Then Hurleigh won’t be scared and cry.” Melt my heart right then and there. Of course Hurleigh still cried, but Bentleigh made sure to tell him it was okay and get him a sucker and sticker.

DSC_0651 DSC_0648

Bentleigh’s Outfit

Top and bottom // H&M

Under shirt // Gap

Hat // Slyfox Threads

Moccs // Minnetonkas

DSC_0664 DSC_0661

Hurleigh’s Outfit

Jacket // Gap

Onesie // Slyfox Threads

Leggings // Old Navy

Moccs // Freshly Picked

Hat // Similar


We had such a great, overly busy week, but we were so happy for daddy to come home. He got to come home a day earlier than expected so we surprised Bentleigh. He was over joyed. I know I have been so slow lately, but I have so many amazing brands to share with you in the next week. Bentleigh’s birthday party is on Saturday and then after that it will be back to normal. I want to thank each and everyone of you that Has visited the blog and shown so much support. I love each and everyone of you!

Elexis ❤

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