Hurleigh turns 2!

I officially have a two year old. Yesterday, July 10th, we celebrated Hurleigh’s amazing two years of life with a few close family and friends. I have to say, these last two years have been so amazing to watch him grow and mold our family into what it is today.


Back two years ago when I was about to have him, still so terrified to be having another boy, I could not have imagined the relationship him and Bentleigh would form and the love we would all share. He brings the perfect balance to our family. He is the sour to our sweet. I always say he is our little piece of chaos, because he is so fearless and always jumps head first into anything he is doing, sometimes literally. Now he is such an amazing little boy we could not have asked for anyone better to add to our family. He is such a strong spirit. He knows what he likes and especially what he dislikes, and while he does not talk much he lets you know. He loves animals of all shapes and sizes and I know he is going to do great things in his life. And yes the numbers do not lie, he is that tiny lol.

DSC_1296 DSC_1294

He decided to ring in his birthday in true Hurleigh fashion. You never know what he is going to give you day to day. Yesterday was not his favorite day that is for sure. It was his birthday and he cried if he wanted to lol. He finally enjoyed his day at dinner when he got to spend some time with a few of his favorite people. Then we spent the rest of the night playing with new toys. When he crawled into my bed this morning and he was doing his little stretches, still the cutest thing ever, I realized how lucky of a mom I am. I truly hit the jackpot. He has taught me that I can not expect rainbows and sunshine every day, but every moment is a gift. That even the littlest ones can have bad days too. I can not imagine any other life for us, the bad days and all. I always said that I only wanted two children, but Hurleigh turned that into a reality. We can not wait to see what the years hold for you little boy!

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