THE REVAMPED KIDS UNIFORM | Bentleigh & Hurleigh

My little babes rocking it on The Lb Brand today for their Revamped Kids Uniform (:



Name: Bentleigh, 5 & Hurleigh, 2

Location: Utah

Styling: LB’s Broken Record Tank & Outside The Box Tee

These two wild boys are always on the go. They are bike loving, dirt kicking, let’s wrestle all the time kind of kids. These LB Brand shirts are perfect for them. Super comfortable and very breathable, which helps in this Utah heat, but still super stylish so even with just a pair of shorts or jeans they can be super cool kids. Bentleigh is very picky about his clothing, he always has to have a say in what he wears. Hurleigh still is in his “let’s wear pajamas all the time” stage, so the comfier the clothes, the easier it is to get him dressed. These also go with everything, white, grey, and black are only the greatest colors ever. Any tee or tank from The LB Brand is a must for…

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