Nested Bean

I recently had a chance to test out a Nested Bean zen sack. Ellie has always been an amazing sleeper but she definitely sleeps better when I am around. And honestly I was totally skeptical. I thought there was no way that this zen sack was going to help my little mamas girl.

So how does the zen sack help us? That cute little egg on her chest is actually a lightly weighted pad that mimics your touch and give her a sense of security. So instead of having to sit next to her with my hand always on her, I just put her in her zen sack and she sleeps so perfectly. 

It’s super light weight so perfect for warm summer nights or layering in the cool winter months. Plus it takes away the need for a blanket, which has always freaked me out because my kids are either kicking them off and are freezing in the morning or pulling it up over their faces.

Nested Bean not only carries the zen sleep sack but they also carry the zen swaddle for all those babes that like to be wrapped up tight. The sack features two sets of snaps at the shoulder for adjustment as your child grows and a double zipper to make diaper changes super easy!

I definitely will be recommending Nested Bean to all my mama friends!

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