Ola Baby USA


I am so excited to team up with Ola Baby. They have some amazing products that make every parents life easier. Their Trimmo is every moms dream come true! I remember being a new mom and clipping Bentleigh’s nails. It was one of the most stressful things I had to do for sure. This does it for you! It’s a spinning file with a light attached for those late night nail filing sessions….. because let’s be real I am doing it when Ellie is passed out! Super easy to recharge with their wall plug-in too!


Their newest product, their SteamBowl, is an all in one bowl! You can steam your veggies or fruits right in there and transfer the bowl to the high chair for meal time! It is made of BPA-free, toxin-free, food-grade silicone. Super easy prep and clean up! Steaming your babies food is so great! It retains all the nutritional value in their food.


Their training spoon pack, I can not say enough good thing about it! Flexible, soft, and easy for baby to use. I pack one in our bag every time we go out because it is Ellie’s favorite thing to chew on. Baby approved. It is also made from food-grade silicon, free of BPA and Toxins.


If you want a chance to win all three products, head to my INSTAGRAM!

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