Nuroo Baby

I am excited to team up with Nuroo Baby to share some of my favorite products!

The Nuroo Pocket

The Nuroo Pocket is making all your skin to skin dreams come true! I used one with Ellie and I was so excited to use it again with Indie. It features breathable, stretch fabric that has a slight compression to keep your baby in place. It’s also the only skin to skin carrier to adhere to sling/carrier guidelines and tested up to 45 pounds!

(Shown featuring the support band you can use when walking around with baby for extra support.)

The Multi-Use Cover

The Multi-Use Cover is the all in one ever parent needs. From a car seat cover to keep your babe shielded from the elements, to a stroller shade, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, and even a full coverage nursing scarf! It’s perfect for every day use and keeps you from having to lug around a bunch of different items and filling your diaper bag. The stretch fabric makes it great for any item you need to cover!

(Shown here used as a car seat cover on a Maxi Cosi.)

The Swaddle

The swaddle is my favorite! Indie is my first baby that loves to be swaddled and I fully credit it to her amazing sleeping habits. Let’s be honest though during those late night feedings my swaddling is the worst when I’m super tired. The Velcro swaddle is perfect because it makes it easy to get your babe snug and back to sleep quick! It is 3 sizes in one to grow as your little one grows.

The Nursing Scarf

The Nursing Scarf is the perfect functional fashion piece. It features easy to use snaps that give you as little or as much coverage as you want and looks great even when not being used for nursing!

Nuroo Baby has really made each item so well and functional. They are perfect for gifting to new parents as well! All my readers can get 20% off their site with code ELEXISBRONSON20. (Excludes gift cards and bundle deals)

This post is sponsored by Nuroo Baby.

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