For the love of fashion.

This blog is for those that love children’s fashion. It is for the mom that wants help finding great stuff. The mom that wants to dress their kids and have fun doing it! I will help you. By no mean do I have the financial ability to buy every expensive brand and get every item in a collection. What I do have is the knowledge and experience to dress your kids for less and splurge on the best.

Since the start it has branched to much more than just a fashion blog. It’s a basic one stop blog for mommies! Fashion, DIY, deals. All my favorites (:

Weekly you will receive style tips for your littles and even a few posts for the moms! I will find you deals and put together outfits at an affordable price! If you want to see something let me know. This blog is for you. While most the post will be mainly geared towards boys as that is what I know, I will not forget about the fashionistas out there!

So stay tuned! And I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do!

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